Teak Heirlooms was established in 2001 as a furniture company. We have evolved since, venturing into handicraft in 2002 and structures in 2006, when we did our first Gazebo and Pergola. Our first house was in 2008 at Yercaud, and we have not looked back since. Our Flagship store is used to retail our products, and is located at Chennai. With two godowns and two separate manufacturing units in Indonesia, we are capable of up-scaling our operations to meet the demand.

Coconut wood, bamboo and iron wood are the materials used in our construction. The units are pre-fabricated in Indonesia, set up there (consequently being certified by an Independent Swiss Agency), dismantled, and then shipped to the client’s location, where it is set up.

The Weinig and Alltech machines with us, guarantees a high quality output. Mr. Lewis who heads the structures vertical, has over 20 years experience in Indonesia and being an IITian lends his experience and direction to the company. Habitats Plus now handles the prefab vertical.

The structures that we manufacture are preferred because:
  • Mandated by authorities as temporary
  • Any terrain: CRZ, lakeside, mountain sides or even building tops
  • Locations where skilled labor is scarce
  • Popular locations for installation are island resorts, hill stations, beach locations and farms.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Off grid stand alone solutions
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Moveable homes