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Teak Heirlooms offers a unique selection of stylish, contemporary, and wooden furniture online. Our Furniture range includes Teak sofa set, teak beds, teak bedside table, Teak wardrobes, mirror designs , teak console, teak dining table, teak and chairs, teak buffet, teak diwaan, study tables and lot more. All our wooden furniture designs are available online at www.teakheirlooms.com. On our website, you can browse as many wooden furniture designs from many categories as you like and get a quote for your favourite furniture.

The furniture you choose reflects your personality. The wooden furniture design from our catalogue can also be customised to fit your space. Modern furniture design is all about finding the right balance between design and practicality, while traditional designs have evolved over time, based on each period.

Space management is key before you shop for teak furniture designs, at first, picture how you want the room to look like. Then decide on what you want each space to be used for? Will it be a private space, for family, or for entertaining? Secondly, examine the layout of each space, including the position of doors and windows, to understand how many and how big your furniture pieces can be, while still leaving enough room for people to walk around without tripping.

When considering having a large space, you have the luxury of adding a number of customised modern teak furniture designs to the room, without congesting it, of course. For smaller rooms, it’s best that you look for multifunctional teak furniture designs like Nesting table, teak stacking chairs or smart customised furniture that let you do more without taking up too much space in your room. Once you establish what your space is going to be used for and what type of teak furniture pieces you would like to furnish it with, you can go ahead with finding the right pieces online.